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Conjunto de três floreiras Long

Conjunto de três floreiras Long

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A set consisting of three Long planters (2x small Long + 1x large Long) is made of steel. It works well as the space demarcation. Perfect for all of the types of plants.

2x Long small: 600mm x 150mm x 150mm
1x Long large: 1200 mm x 300mm x 300mm

Available colors:

  1. branco
  2. bege
  3. cinza
  4. castaño
  5. verde cinza
  6. verde
  7. bordo
  8. preto
  1. branco
  2. gris
  3. efeito corten
  4. cinza
  5. bleu
  6. verde
  7. negro de fumo
  8. noir
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