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Garden Premier (m²)

Garden Premier (m²)

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Garden Premier, our “Best Seller”, suitable for any use in the garden, is very resistant and easy to maintain. It easily adapts to the climate of the different regions of the country.

Its texture is medium and quite homogeneous in appearance.

For non-linear areas and due to cutouts, we recommend purchasing approximately 5% more grass mat.

1 roll = 2,5m x 40cm = 1 square meter

Weight ≃ 20 kg/roll

Thickness ≃ 4/5cm

'Garden Premier' mix

Ideal for Gardens and Parks
Tolerance to lack of water.
Low maintenance grass.

80% Fescue arundinacea
20% Poa pratensis

Fescue arundinacea

Resistance to trampling
High density
Resistance to heat and cold
Good coloring
Resistant to lack of water

Poa pratensis

Slow growth
High shade resistance
Resistance to heat and cold
Strong root system

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