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Biniloa (PVC)

Biniloa (PVC)

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Biniloa Separator is a product made of 100% recycled plastic. Although the material is rigid, it offers flexibility that allows you to make straight and curved boundaries. It's ideal for more precise work, such as demarcating lawns, separating flower beds and footpaths, among others. It also has a long durability ( min. 20 years) and excellent resistance to different temperatures from -50º to 90º. Its installation is quite simple, with insertion of clamps for fixing to the ground and possibility of cutting. Its lightness makes the curb very easy to handle.  

Main features:  

  • Ecological  
  • Straight and organic lines  
  • Lightweight and easy to install  
  • Ideal for precision work  
  • Sturdy and durable  

Dimensions :

1m x 8cm

* Includes approx. 3 staples per linear meter.


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