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The Ligid Flower Box combines an attractive design and practical application, made of steel.

It works very well as a space demarcation . Easy to arrange, it can be combined with others from the same range and give free rein to your imagination.

Available dimensions:

Small: 360x400 mm (approx. 9kg)

Medium: 500x600 mm (approx. 19kg)

Large: 600x940 mm (approx. 37kg)

Planters available in various colors :

  1. white
  2. beige
  3. gray
  4. brown
  5. green gray
  6. green
  7. board
  8. black
  1. white
  2. gray
  3. corten effect
  4. gray
  5. blue
  6. green
  7. carbon black
  8. noir

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